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Al-Bukhaiti sends fiery message to British government

SANAA, May 21 (YPA) – Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council in Sanaa Mohammed al-Bukhaiti on Wednesday sent a fiery message to Britain.

Al-Bukhaiti said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Britain is a partner in the aggression and blockade on Yemen, which has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people, and when one of its ships was attacked, it asked the UAE and Saudi Arabia to take a firm stance on the Southern Transitional Council, with aim of sending a message that the security of the British and their lives are holy and not like the valueless lives of Yemenis.”

He added, “Through this message, Britain guarantees itself a safe military foothold in the future, according to rules of engagement that allow it to target Yemen in exchange for ensuring that its forces and interests are not compromised.”

“So, we say to Britain and others that we are dealing with any foreign forces in Yemen as occupying forces that must be rooted out, and that we love martyrdom just as you love life,” al-Bukhaiti said.