YEMEN Press Agency

Parliament directs recommendations to Govt to confront Coronavirus

SANAA, April 4 (YPA) – The Parliament, in its Saturday session headed by Speaker Yahya Ali Al-Raei, approved directing a number of recommendations to the National Salvation regarding precautionary measures to confront Corona virus.

This came after the House discussed and approved the report of the special committee assigned by the Public Health and Population Committee and a number of chairmen and rapporteurs of the permanent committees to visit the outlets and quarantine centers to see the precautionary measures implemented by the Government to combat Coronavirus.

The Parliament also directed the government to tighten control over all ports and to prevent infiltrators from entering the Yemeni lands across the coasts and to punish all those who participate or assist in smuggling returnees from ports in violation of the precautionary measures and the laws in force.

In the context of their discussions, the House members stressed the importance of community solidarity with the efforts and precautionary measures made to prevent Corona virus.