YEMEN Press Agency

UAE forces use displaced people as human shields, activists say

SANAA, May 2 (YPA) – Activists loyal to the Saudi-led coalition said that United Arab of Emirates (UAE ) occupation forces established camps for the displaced people from al-khokha district, in a place where fierce fighting has been taking place between Saudi-backed militias and the Yemeni army.

According to local sources, the UAE forces and the Emirati Red Crescent using the displaced people as human shields on the west coast to protect them from ” the Yemeni Army’ attacks.

The UAE Red Crescent has set up tents for the displaced in the eastern gate of the city, a long distance from the displaced those are lying under the trees without shelter but safe from the military confrontations.

The displaced will inevitably accept refuge tents due to their long stay under the trees, the activist said.

A journalist loyal to Saudi-led coalition accused the UAE occupation Emirates of using the displaced people as human shields, saying that “you intend to receive a displaced person, but first you have to secure them, not to use them as a shield.”