YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi moves to remove shabwah governor loyal to Muslim brotherhood

SHABWAH, Jan. 21 (YPA) –Media sources revealed new Saudi intentions to isolate Shabwah Governor Mohammed Saleh Bin Adio regarding the besiege imposed by al-Islah militants on  the camp al-Alam, where the UAE occupation forces are stationed.

The sources confirmed that Saudi Arabia decided to arrest Bin Adio and began procedures for appointing a new personality in the post of governor of Shabwah at the request of the Emiratis.

Saudi media accused Bin Adio of colluding with Islah leaders to abort “the kingdom’s moves through the Riyadh agreement and to obstruct the success of the agreement in the interests of Qatar and Turkey,” Saudi media said.

The pro-Islah “Governor of Shabwah” Ben Adio has accused the UAE of turning the camps into shelters for rebels who carried out assassinations and bombings in Shabwah province.