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Video: Oman’s new Sultan insults Abu Dhabi crown prince and refuses to shake hands

SANAA, Jan. 14 (YPA) – Omani, Gulf and Yemeni activists circulated on Twitter a video footage showing the moment the Sultan of Oman refused to shake hands with the UAE’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed.

The video was widely circulated on twitter platform, because it showed the honorable position of the Sultan of Oman with Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, known as the “Devil of the Arabs”.

Al-Said’s move was seen as a new response by the sultan of Oman, who has refusal to shake hands with the Conspiratorial traitors whose criminal hands were stained with the blood of the sons of the Arab and Islamic nations in the service of their masters in the White House.

Others described Sultan Al Qassim’s behavior as a reflection of bin Zayed’s mishandling after his dirty works wreaked havoc in Arab countries in general.

It is worthy to mention that Oman arrested an Emirati spy cell in 2011.

A short time ago, she arrested another Emirati spy cell.At the same time, Abu Dhabi continues to provoke Omanis, sometimes by attempting to seize Omani territory, and again by stealing Omani history.