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Director of Oncology Center: We need a modern radio-logical device to treat cancer patients

SANAA, Dec. 15 (YPA) – Director of the National Oncology Center, Abdullah Thawabah on Saturday confirmed that the center needs a modern, advanced 3D radio-logical device to treat patients, especially children.

He explained  in a telephone call with Al Masirah TV Channel  that children needed high-precision radiation therapy and treatment with normal radiation, putting them at very high risk and we had to do so, even though it is a disaster.

“We have submitted numerous memorandums and appeals to WHO regarding equipment maintenance contracts and the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic devices and have not received any response or response,” he added

The director of the National Oncology Center said that the World Health Organization (WHO) under the memorandum sought to provide a very important diagnostic device, flucito metric, and a linear accelerator, and then failed.

On the closure of Sana’a airport,Thawabah said that the Yemeni people are being killed  not being able to travel for treatment abroad and as a result of the denial of access to medical supplies and medical supplies and chemical medicines.

“700 new cases of children with cancer ousares registered in the center this year are among 6,000 new cases of different ages,” he concluded said.