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UN Security Council calls for implementing arms embargo on Libya

SANAA, Dec. 3 (YPA) – The United Nations Security Council on Monday called on all countries to implement Libya’s arms embargo and stay out of the conflict after UN sanctions monitors accused Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey of repeated violations.

The council urged the 15-member Council to “not interfere in the conflict or take actions that could fuel it”.

It also expressed concern about “the increasing intervention of mercenaries”. Agreement on such statements is unanimous, according to Reuters.

Diplomats said the council “called for full compliance with the arms embargo”, but no action was likely to be taken on the violations received.

UN experts monitoring the implementation of sanctions on Libya said last month that Jordan, the UAE and Turkey had repeatedly violated the arms embargo imposed on Libya and largely suggested that a foreign attack plane was responsible for an attack that killed  many of  migrants in the  detention center.