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Local official: Coalition crimes in al-Durayhimi city have not yet been revealed

SANAA, Nov. 1 (YPA) – The Acting Governor of Hodeidah, Mohammed Aish Qahim on Thursday confirmed that the coalition’s crimes in the besieged city of al- Durayhimi are “unprecedented on earth” and have not yet been revealed.

He further confirmed that what was shown on Almasirah TV in the documentary “Smuggled Messages from al-Durayhimi” from the crimes of the US-Saudi aggression against the sons of al- Durayhimi is only the tip of the iceberg.

“The crimes of aggression in the field are more than has been shown and the oppression of al-Durayhimi is unprecedented,” Qahim told Saba News Agency.

He explained that the United Nations is committing a greater crime by its silence towards such horrific crimes. Its silence on the blockade is considered complicity with the perpetrators, he added.

“What was shown of the crimes of the coalition of aggression in al- Durayhimi is enough to awaken and act on human consciences if there is a conscience,” he said.

Hodeidah’s Acting Governor called on international human rights organizations and local and international media to organize a solidarity campaign with al-Durayhimi’s sons in order to lift their injustice and alleviate their suffering which is multiplying day by day.

The Saudi-led coalition and the UAE have been imposing a tight siege on al- Durayhimi City  for nearly a year and three months, preventing thousands of civilians from leaving or entering food, water and medicine, causing the deaths of a number of patients.