YEMEN Press Agency

FM meets newly appointed head of UN mission for monitoring Hodeidah agreement

SANAA, Oct. 9 (YPA) – Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdullah met on Wednesday with the newly appointed head of the United Nations mission for monitoring the cease-fire agreement on Hodeidah Abhijit Guha.

At the meeting, the minister renewed the political leadership’s commitment in Sanaa to provide all facilities and support to the mission’s head in line of implementing all of Stockholm Agreement items.

Sharaf affirmed the other party still put obstacles and difficulties to hinder any agreement to cease fire and achieve peace.

“The peace initiative announced by president of the Supreme Political Council aimed at ending the Saudi-led aggression coalition war, lifting the siege, achieving internal reconciliation and a comprehensive settlement between all parties,” the minister added.

Sharaf warned the coalition countries of continuing the aggression and the policies of collective punishment against the Yemeni people by preventing the entry of ships carrying oil derivatives and food to Hodeidah port.