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Information Minister warns against new violations of Stockholm Agreement in Hodeiah

SANAA, Sept. 20 (YPA) – Information Minister in the National Salvation government Daifallah al-Shami, has on Friday confirmed that announcement made by the Saudi-led aggression coalition for a military operation in Hodeidah is a apparent violation of the Agreement of Sweden and is officially  a clear escape from any benefits resulting from it.

He explained in a statement that the “aggression announcement is a result of UN complicity in failing to pressure the other party to implement steps similar to those carried out by the national party unilaterally, from redeploying in the ports of Hodeidah under the supervision of the United Nations to abiding by the ceasefire despite repeated violations and continuing from the other side.”

He pointed out that the detention of ships by the aggression coalition is “a clear violation of the agreement, despite the fact that it obtained licenses by the United Nations and the specialized team from UN in the port of Hodeidah, which proves that the aim of the detention of ships, is to impose a comprehensive blockade for the general Yemeni people, who bear the burdens of aggression and siege.”

Al-Shami reiterated that the detention of ships and blockade is an abuse against the Yemeni people because of the high prices that affect citizens in the first place.

“The justifications given by the coalition to cover up the air strikes on Hodeidah province and a bid to present Hodeidah as the scene of Saudi bombings are flimsy, illogical and cannot fool anyone no matter how they try to attack,” he said.

He warned against the continuation of the Saudi-led aggression in its escalation on Hodeidah and to disavow the implementation of the Swedish agreement, and what could be resulted of major repercussions and consequences

He stressed that the Yemeni people will not stand idly by in the face of this escalation and the continuation of the siege of the city of Al-Durhiymi and the detention of ships.