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The exiled Hadi’s Protection brigades vow to confront UAE militias in Aden

ADEN, July 20 (YPA) – The exiled Hadi’s presidential protection brigades on Thursday have vowed that they will strike with an iron hand anyone who tries to harm the security and stability of the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

During a military parade, the commander of the 1st Brigade of presidential protection Brigadier General Sanad al-Rahwa in threatened that presidential protection brigades will take strong and firm measures against those who seek to destabilize the security and stability of the city of Aden, in a clear reference to the movements of the militias of the southern transitiona council backed the UAE occupation forces.

During a speech to the members of the exiled Hadi and his son Nasser Abed Rabbo, commander of the presidential protection brigades in Aden, al-Rahwa reiterated his pledge to the agreement.

While the commander of the Third Brigade pledged to protect the presidency of Brigadier General Luay Zamki, that his forces will always defend their political and military leadership and carry out its duties to the fullest.

The exiled Hadi’s presidential protection brigades are reviewing their combat readiness after UAE militias threatened to take control of all state facilities in Aden, after southern transitional leader Hani Ben Brik recently vowed to storm the walls of al-Ma’ashiq Palace.