YEMEN Press Agency

Update 3: Yemen’s drones attack hit Saudi military sites in Jizan, Asir

SANAA, July 16 (YPA) – The Yemeni army carried out fresh bomb-laden drone attacks against military sites both of Jizan and Asir provinces in the south of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, the army spokesman said in a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

The Qasef 2K drones targeted military facilities and aircraft hangars in the Jizan regional airport and the military airbase in Khamis Mushayt of Asir, causing a suspension in the air traffic, the spokesman Yahya Sarie said.

Sarie added the air strikes come in retaliatory response to the aggression war crimes, violations and air strikes against the Yemeni people and its infrastructure.

On Monday, the drones waged offensives against the military airbase in Khamis Mushayt of Asir border province, causing large explosion in weapons depots.

Ali Ahsan