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Military commander, 3 of his companions abducted in Marib

MARIB, July 11 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen kidnapped a military commander of Islah Party along with his son and three of his companions on Thursday in the eastern Yemeni province of Marib.

Activists on social media circulated the news of kidnapping of Brigadier-General “Mohammed Wahan”, commander of the so-called “the seventh presidential guard brigade” of Islah, along with his son and three of his escorts in a tribal banditry in al-Erqain area in al-Wadi district.

Media sources said that the gunmen are members of al-Damashiqa tribe and demand the release of a detainee in prisons of Islah’s militias in the province of Marib.

Late last month, gunmen abducted Major Obeid Bazuhair, from Hadramout province, along with three of his companions.

Marib province witnessed late in last June armed clashes that left several dead and wounded among militias and tribesmen against the background of Islah leaders’ assault on citizens’ property and land.