YEMEN Press Agency

In Numbers: Coalition suffer heavy losses in sixth military region during June

SANAA, July 3 (YPA) – A military source in the Sixth Military Zone on Wednesday revealed that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their mercenaries suffered heavy human and material losses on fronts and sites of the region during June.

“The Yemeni army backed by popular committees carried out during June 36 offensive operations and more than 19 incursions in sites and fronts of the sixth region,” the source said in a statement.

The army and the popular committees, during the same period, repelled attacks and foiled 15 infiltration attempts of the aggression forces in the areas and fronts of the sixth region, he added.

The source said that 365 of the coalition troops were dead and wounded, including Saudi and Sudanese soldiers, in sniping operations in fronts of the region.

He indicated that 60 various military vehicles, including armored ones, and 13 machine guns of different calibers were destroyed or damaged during the confrontations.

The Yemeni air defenses shot down four spy aircrafts of the aggression forces, the source added, noting that the aggression coalition warplanes waged 230 airstrikes and more than 11 sorties of Apache helicopters in the region.