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Report: Statistics reveal human, material losses over 3 years of war in Yemen

SANAA, April 5 (YPA) – The Legal Center for Rights and Development revealed a new statistic of Yemen’s human and material losses caused by airstrikes and shelling of Saudi-led coalition against civilians and infrastructure in various Yemeni provinces in three years.

The statistics were revealed in an event organized on the Thursday by the center in Sana’a entitled “Statistics of 3 years of war on Yemen at the table of the Human Rights Council Experts Group”.

The statistics affirmed that the coalition on Yemen killed 14,921 people, including 3057 children and 2086 women.,

On the side of the infrastructure, the statistics underlined that the coalition destroyed 15 airports and 14 sea ports and caused damages in 2425 roads and brigades.

The statistics showed that the coalition destroyed 688 tanks and water networks, 179 power stations, generators , 410 communication networks, making the most vital installations in Yemen out of coverage.

The statics indicated  that the coalition destroyed more than 413297 houses, 903 mosques , 869 centers and schools, displaced more than 4 million citizens, causing stop of work in  4500 schools and  bombed 309 hospitals, health facilities and 35 media institutions.

On the side of the production units, coalition destroyed 1761 government facilities, 722 food stores, 596 food tankers, 609 shops and commercial complexes, 345 gas stations, 262 fuel tankers, 307 factories, 269 poultry and livestock farms, 216 archaeological sites, 264 tourist facilities and 122 playgrounds and sports facilities.

The legal center called on the international community to shoulder its legal, moral and humanitarian responsibility for this biggest tragedy since the end of World War II, according to international organizations.