YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi forces prevent entry of goods in Shihen border-crossing

MAHRAH, April 15 (YPA) -Local sources in Mahrah province in eastern Yemen have reported on Sunday that Saudi occupation forces have deliberately obstructed the passage of passengers and commercial trucks loaded with goods, harassing merchants and preventing the entry of their goods past Al Shihen Customs.

Yemeni merchants and travelers complained of continual abuses by Saudi forces at the border crossing with Oman in Mahrah Province.

Last month, Al Shihen witnessed fierce clashes between Mahrah tribes and Saudi forces following recent attempts to bring arms-laden trucks to the province.

Since the 1930s, Saudi Arabia has dreamed of obtaining an outlet to the Arabian Sea by establishing an oil port in Mahrah, after the Saudi Kharkheer region became a crude oil warehouse.

An oil pipeline could be built to port in Mahrah at lower costs and in record time compared to the port of Mukalla, which was part of Saudi Arabia’s old strategy after it lost control over the coast of Hadhramaut to UAE occupation forces.