YEMEN Press Agency

 Deadly clashes erupt between coalition-backed militias, Qaeda elements in Bayda

BAYDA, April.1 (YPA) – Violent clashes broke out between what so-called “Islamic State Organization” and Coalition militants in Yemen’s central province of Bayda, private sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The clashes took place in Yakla district, following the accusations of Ghazi al-Busi al-Zubay and Abu Jamal al-Zubay, they are leaders in al-Qaeda terrorist group to cooperate with what so-called legitimacy by communicating with Snan Jireawn one of leaders loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

According to the sources, the command of what so-called al-Qaeda facilitated the entry of 300 militants and 10 military vehicles belonging to what so-called legitimacy led by Jireawn, who marched from Marib province heading to Shaeb al-Qate area in Bayda province.

“This came after agreement with al-Qaeda, in which the two leaders obtained sum of money from Saudi-led coalition that rose anger of the Islamic state organization in the region,” The sources added.