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Yemen army attacks militias ‘site, shoots dead 25 in Jawf, Taiz

JAWF, Mar.31(YPA) – The Yemen army on Saturday carried out offensive operations on Saudi-backed militias’ sites in Jawf and Taiz provinces, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The army attacked the sites of militias in Shawag valley of Ghail district in Jawf.

The operation was preceded combing with various types of weapons and interspersed with sniper 8 of militias and resulted in the killing and wounding large numbers of militants and causing heavy material losses.


The official added that an offensive operation was waged on the militias’ sites in Hamir district of Taiz, killing and wounding of dozens.

The sniper unit of the army shot dead 25 gunmen in the fronts of Ghail and Mtun of Jawf and  West Coast fronts in Taiz during the past hours, the official said.

The engineering unit  of the army was able to destroy a military vehicle loaded with a number of coalition militias in West Coast Front with an explosive device, killing the person on board, the official added.

The army also repelled  attempt to infiltrate the coalition militants in Qabaita district of Lhaj province.


Sameera Hassn