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28,000 service, economic facilities destroyed by coalition in Yemen in 4 years: Statistics

SANAA, March 21 (YPA) – A new statistics issued by the Legal Center of Rights and Freedoms has revealed that Saudi-led coalition aircrafts destroyed 28,000 service and economic facilities in Yemen during the past four years.

According to the statistics, the total number of damaged service facilities reached 12,616, including 15 airports, one port, 2,661 roads and bridges, 193 fuel stations and electricity generators, 790 water tanks and networks, 434 telecommunication stations and networks, and 1,824 government service facilities.

The coalition also destroyed 945 mosques, 341 hospitals and health centers, 897 schools and institutes, 165 university buildings, 331 tourist facilities, 130 sports facilities, 38 media facilities, 219 archaeological monuments and 3,838 agricultural fields.

The total number of destroyed economic facilities reached 15,378, including 347 factories, 637 commercial markets, 7,489 commercial facilities, 759 food stores, 631 food trucks, 365 fuel stations, 265 fuel tankers, 4,166 transport vehicles, 336 chicken and cattle farms, and 433 fishing boats.