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Al-Houthi: Our choices are open to use all available means to face Saudi aggression

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) – Head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, said that all our choices are open to use all available means to deter the US-Saudi aggression as long as it continues against the Yemeni people.

This came in an interview with France 24 TV channel on Friday.

“We are developing our Russian and Korean-made-missiles in our country, also manufacturing them, and they are not an Iranian industry,” he said.

“it is shameful to condemn Yemeni missiles defend  the Republic of Yemen, while the world is silent about the crimes of genocide have been committed by Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people,” al-Houthi  added.

“We tell the British, Europeans and Americans to stop your support for Saudi Arabia to stop its aggression against the Yemeni peopel,” he said,

Regarding to the issue of prisoners and detainees, al-Houthi said “we are ready to launch and exchange all the prisoners if other part will that.

Ali Ahsan