YEMEN Press Agency

Mahweet’s al-Wasttah tribes mark passage of 4 years of steadfastness

MAHWEET, March 14 (YPA) – Tribes of Al-Wasitah in al-Khabt district of Hahweet province, on Thursday held a vigil on the occasion of the passage of four years of steadfastness in the face of aggression.

In the vigil attended by sheikhs and social figures of the district and several officials of the local authority in the province, Director of the district Ahmed al-Wali indicated to the failure of schemes of Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries to subjugate the Yemeni people, who proved his steadfastness and defiance of all difficult circumstances imposed by the aggression.

Al-Wali praised the solidarity of the district residents and their continued national presence in defending the homeland.

He saluted the army forces and the popular committees stationed in the frontlines to defend the sovereignty and dignity of Yemen and its people, stressing that the aggression forces crimes would not fall statute of limitations and their perpetrators would be prosecuted.