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Sana’a warns of circulation 1000 riyals category

SANAA, March.29 (YPA) – An official source in National Salvation Government warned citizens, financial and banking institutions of circulation of 1000 riyals category.

The move came as a part of measures reduce the negative impact that resulted from the introduction of the printed currency in the local markets, specifically the disruption of the banking sector and its direct contribution to the rise in the price of foreign currencies against the Yemeni riyal, which continued to rise to approximately 481 riyals per dollar.

In a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency, the procedure is to prevent the circulation of this edition comes as an urgent need to reduce the negative consequences of uncontrolled printing of cash, especially in light of the failure of the resigned exiled Riyadh-Based President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his Aden-based government to carry out their tasks before transferring the Central Bank from the capital Sana’a to Aden in September 2016, topped by  non-payment of staff salaries.

The official added to the direct negative effects that may result from continuing to deal in the new currency, especially on commodity prices that increases the suffering of Yemeni citizens.