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Parliament Speaker: Humanitarian situation in Yemen is catastrophic

SANAA, March 27 (YPA) – Speaker of Parliament Yahya Al-Ra’ei affirmed on Tuesday that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is catastrophic as a result of the continued aggression and siege.

During his meeting with Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Yemen Martin Griffith, Al-Ra’ei stressed the importance of the United Nations’ role in seeking to reduce aggravation of the humanitarian disaster caused by the aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The meeting discussed topics relating to the siege imposed by Saudi-led coalition on Yemeni people and negative effects resulting of closing Sanaa International Airport .

Al-Ra’ei urged the United Nations to work to end the aggression, stop military operations and lift the comprehensive siege imposed on the country.

He noted that Yemen is facing an extermination war, in which banned cluster bombs have been used, in addition to all-out blockade that caused a deterioration in economic and living conditions.

“We are in a state of self-defense, and we have the right to defend sovereignty and unity of our country from any external aggression,” Al-Ra’ei said.

The parliament’s speaker demanded opening of Hodeida port and Sana’a Airport and allowing the arrival of aid, food, medicine and oil derivatives and the return of passengers and patients stranded abroad.

For his part, the UN envoy expressed his hope for a just political solution that would stop the war and end the suffering of the Yemeni people.