YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia admits ballistic horror night

SANAA, March 26 (YPA) – Seven ballistic missiles were launched at the same time from Yemen towards multiple targets inside Saudi Arabia overnight.

The seven missiles were enough to make a night of ballistic horror for Saudi regime, who will continue to go so far as to search for Iran in the skies of Riyadh.

Two of the missiles hit the capital Riyadh, while the rest were distributed among the regional airports in Abha, Najran and Jizan as well as other military targets.

This unprecedented missile attack has confused the Saudi air defense systems on the ground.

Saudi Arabia, which ranked third in the world last year in terms of military spending, admitted the arrival of seven missiles, and as usual, it claimed that its systems intercepted the missiles and destroyed them in the air.

To justify its failure and its keenness to keep Yemen in the weaker trench, it went far and accused Iran of supporting Sanaa and providing the Yemeni army with ballistic missiles.

Although such accusations have not received international acceptance and support only by the United States of America, Saudi Arabia continues to charge Iran after every missile strike by the Yemeni army.