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German Green Party denounces selling of military boats to Saudi Arabia

SANAA, March. 25 (YPA) – German activists from the Green opposition party  denounced the announcement of chancellor “ Angela Merkel’s government  ”  of their intention to finalized a deal to sell  military boats in millions of Euros to Saudi Arabia, which is leading military airstrikes campaign  against Yemen since March 26, 2015.

“The new government’s commitment to restrict arms export policy which  has abrogated itself by announcing the sale of this arms deal to Saudi Arabia”, the representative of the Green Party (German Bundestag) Omid Nouripour said.

The deal represents a moral bankruptcy for “Merkel’s government”, saying that the boats to be sold to Saudi Arabia will contribute to tighten Saudi-led coalition sea blockade on Yemen and will aggravate human suffering in Yemen”, Omid Nouripour added.