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President: US is key sponsor of aggression on Yemen

SANAA, March 24 (YPA) – President Saleh Al-Sammad on Saturday said the fact that the US is the main sponsor of the aggression on Yemen has been revealed.
This came in the president’s speech during the conclusion of a mobilization workshop for military and security officers in provinces, which was organized by Defense Ministry and Presidency of General Staff.
Al-Sammad referred to the US Senate’s voting with a majority of more than 55 votes against 44 in favor of the continuation of US support to the aggression alliance, which – he said – means that the aggression is an American since the first day.
“The UAE and Saudi Arabia are too weak to continue in this aggression without American political cover and logistical support,” the president said.
It is strange that America goes too far to declare its direct participant in this aggression, he added.
He continued to say: “The American boast and its official announcement in the Senate, which approves the US policies, as a key partner in the aggression on Yemen is a dangerous matter.”
After this blatant American challenge, there must be an unprecedented rising for everyone who has an ounce of dignity or freedom to support the army and the popular committees, the president said.
The president pointed out that the current stage is a stage of mobilization and not a normal response. “There must be a state of alert in all military units and in villages and cities.”
“We have several options to lift the suffering of the Yemeni people,” he said, adding that the honorable peace is to sit at the dialogue table to stop the aggression.
He added that the option of peace may not be acceptable to the aggression coalition and “We can not give up after all the sacrifices.”
In his speech, the president stressed that there is no solution but to strengthen steadfastness to accelerate the hour of victory and lift the suffering of the Yemeni people.