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Report: Yemen Army wages offensives on coalition’s troop sites, gatherings on Friday


SANAA, Mar. 24 (YPA) – The Yemen army has waged offensive operations on Saudi-led coalition troops’ sites and gatherings, inflicting them heavy losses over the last 24 hours, according to military reports obtained by Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.


·         In Saudi border province of Najran:

Katyusha rockets were fired toward gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Selh censorship.

Artillery shelling targeted Saudi-backed militias in Khadhraa crossing and Faras hill of Ajasher desert.



·         In border province of Jizan:

Dozens of Saudi soldiers were killed and injured in an offensive operation on lahaj village and nearby hills in Qais mountain.

6 Saudi soldiers were shot dead in Haskul site, Jadhia-Namir and Qewa village.


·         In the border province of Asir:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their militias in Fill-Shibani, and in Alab crossing.

A Saudi-led militia was shot dead in front of Alab crossing.

·         In Baydaa province:

Six of the militias were killed and ten injured by the Fires of Yemen army in Natea.

Several militias’ infiltrations, backed with coalition ait strikes,  were foiled toward Natea district, killing, wounding dozens of militias, including leaders, and destroying a military vehicle that  carried  23-caliber machine gun by a guided rocket.

·         In Hajjah province:

Artillery force shelled gatherings and fortifications of militias in the north of Medi desert, killing and wounding dozens.


·         In Jawf province:

Yemen army attacked several sites of militias in Shawaq valley of Ghail district, Zurqa area of Mazlub district  and Mahamisha area of Khub-washaaf district, inflicted the militias heavy causalities.

Artillery and missile shelling targeted gathering of militias in Mahamisha ans Utema areas of Khub-washaaf district.

A militias’ military vehicle was destroyed by the engineering units of Yemen army in the east of Sabrain area of Khub-washaaf.


·         In Nehm district:

A missile, Zilzal-1, was fired toward gatherings of militias in Hawl area.


·         In Taiz province:

Five of Saudi-backed militias were gunned down in several areas in the west coast front.


Sameera Hassn