YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition forces demobilize 1,200 recruits, several commanders loyal to them

HADRAMOUT, Feb. 6 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition forces have demobilized 1,200 recruits of the so-called “102nd brigade” in Hadramout province, and kept a few of them in detention without revealing their fate so far.

On Wednesday, a military source told Yemen Press Agency that Kanaan al-Ahsab, operations chief of the 102nd brigade, was injured a few days ago during an offensive operation by the Yemeni army forces on separate positions in Majaza front of Asir region, and that he is now in Dhahran hospital.

The same source confirmed the expulsion of commander of the so-called “Tawheed brigade” Mohammed Harban in Rushaha area of Hadramout, and that he was replaced by another mercenary named Abdulrahman al-Lum.

This Saudi mistreatment with the Yemeni mercenaries and brigades fighting in ranks of the coalition against their country was not the first; Saudi Arabia has deported or disposed of its followers in many ways, including shelling of their groups on several fronts, especially after fleeing the battles due to strong strikes on their positions by the Yemeni army forces.