YEMEN Press Agency

UAE-backed militias in Shabwa continue their sit-in

SHABWA, Feb. 5 (YPA) – The UAE-backed militias in Ataq area of Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, on Tuesday said they would continue their sit-in until restoring their rights looted by Islah Party’s militants led by Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.

In a statement issued Monday evening, the militias revealed about four demands that must be made available for them if Saudi-led coalition wanted them to end the sit-in.

They threatened to step up their protest if their demands were ignored.

The militias demanded that their salaries be paid, deductions be stopped, equipment be provided and their forces be restructured.

The province of Shabwa has recently witnessed sharp differences between the pro-UAE militias on the one hand and those loyal to Saudi Arabia on the other, which turned to armed clashes and left several dead and wounded.