YEMEN Press Agency

Zionist settlers continue to storm Al-Aqsa

SANAA, Feb. 4 (YPA) – The Minister of Agriculture in Zionist enemy government , Uri Ariel, on Tuesday morning stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque from the side of Mugrabi Gate, at the head of a group of extremist settlers and the protection of elements of special units in the enemy police.

The storming of the extremist minister came a day after the storming of the leader of the enemy police in Jerusalem, extremist “Yoram Hilifi” of the mosque at the head of a group of senior officers of the Zionist police, coinciding with the decisions of the Zionist police to remove seven women from Al-Aqsa mosque for two weeks on charges of sitting at  Mercy gate inside Al Aqsa Mosque during the settlers’ incursions.

Al-Aqsa is subjected daily to a series of violations and intrusions by settlers and enemy police, and two morning periods of three and a half hours and evening after the completion of noon prayer and for an hour.


Sameera Hassn