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93+ tons of smuggled, adulterated fertilizers seized in Dhamar


DHAMAR, Feb. 4 (YPA) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation seized more than 93 tons of mixed and spoiled materials and fertilizers in Dhamar province.

In a statement, the Director-General of the control on the quality of agricultural production requirements in the ministry, Eng. Abdullah Ali Masood, said that the seized materials, including fertilizers, are not suitable for use in the development of agricultural production for lack of essential elements of plant nutrition.

Masood indicated that samples were taken of these materials for examination in the laboratories of the administration, and in the light of the results of the examinations will be taking legal action against violators according to the law, according to the statement.

Masood pointed out that the control of these materials contributes to protect farmers from economic losses due to fraud in materials and agricultural fertilizers.

He called on traders to adhere to the storage of agricultural inputs in proper ways for the purpose of maintaining quality and non-damage it, stressing the importance of concerted efforts of everyone to reduce fraud in fertilizers and agricultural fertilizers used in agricultural production.


Sameera Hassn