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Tactical Report: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed refused Kuwait’s mediation to solve Gulf crisis

SANAA, Feb. 3 (YPA) – A US News outlet dedicated to monitoring Gulf affairs revealed new information related to the Gulf crisis and mediation by  Kuwait to resolve the ongoing crisis over a year and a half ago.

The  “Tactical Report” website published  a reported quoting Kuwaiti deputy foreign minister, Khalid al-Jarallah, in which he said that the crown prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed “again refused to respond to the mediation of the Emir of Kuwait to solve the Gulf crisis.”

Al-Jarallah pointed to a new Kuwaiti attempt to mediate in the crisis through a new attempt by the Kuwaiti Defense Minister Nasser Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah last Tuesday through a visit to Abu Dhabi during which he met with Bin Zayed.

The site noted that al-Sabah held discussions with bin Zayed “focused on various issues of common concern, especially the ongoing Gulf crisis.”

It added that the Kuwaiti minister “failed to persuade Bin Zayed to pledge to help facilitate the mediation of the Emir of Kuwait aimed at putting an end to the crisis.”

Emirati media also addressed the visit, without addressing the Gulf crisis, and said that “the two sides have reviewed and exchanged views on a number of regional and international issues and developments of common interest.”

In a press statement on the sidelines of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, al-Jarallah said last Wednesday that “there is no horizon to solve the Gulf crisis or even suggest a solution or the possibility of containing this controversy.”

The Kuwaiti newspaper quoted al-Jarallah as saying that “the making crisis wore did not stop, and the media campaigns and Kuwait feel pain about it.”