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President calls for ending aggression forces’ control over Yemeni oil

SANAA, March 21 (YPA) – President Saleh Al-Sammad called on Wednesday the international community to end the control of the aggression forces over Yemen’s oil sources, which he considered a sovereign right.
This came during the president meeting with Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Yemen, Antonia Calvo Puetra, and ambassadors of France and the Netherlands to Yemen, who are currently visiting Yemen.
The meeting discussed the situations on the Yemeni arena in light of the continuing aggression and all-out blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition on the country since three years, which exacerbated the suffering of Yemeni people.
The president called on the international community to stop wasting Yemen’s funds by the United Arab Emirates and the aggression forces.
He pointed out that the international organizations’ relief work is good, but it is not enough with respect to the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster caused by the aggression.
In this regard, the president directed the national salvation government to facilitate the international organizations’ work in the humanitarian aspect.
As for the political situation, the president said: “Our position is clear and we are with peace and extend our hands to the honorable peace. We must dispel fears from all sides and take the necessary guarantees to instill confidence.”
In the meeting, the president hailed the positive and humanitarian positions of some European countries, topped by the position of the Netherlands in the UN Human Rights Council.
For her part, head of the EU delegation affirmed that the solution in Yemen would only be political and peaceful away from violence.
She noted that the conflict in Yemen does not serve the Yemeni people, but rather contributes to the strengthening of the extremist forces in south Yemen, and this situation will disturb the international community as well as the Arab region and the Red Sea ports.