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Minister  announces his resignation, rebellion against Hadi legitimacy


ADEN, Mar. 21 (YPA) – The Minister of State in the government of “Ben Dagher” appointed from Riyadh, Salah al-Sayadi, announced his resignation formally and finally from his post.

Sayadi posted on his Facebook page the announcement of his resignation from the government of the so-called legitimacy of the outgoing president Hadi which is detained in Riyadh, for a number of reasons, which will be included in a subsequent statement.

The resignation came after the Saudi regime asked the Minister of State “Hadi” to leave the city of Aden, following his call to demonstrate for the release of Hadi after news of his arrest by the Saudi regime.

Sayadi promised to return to Aden as either a statesman or a conqueror.


Sameera Hassn