YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi-led coalition to build military base in Maharah province

MAHARAH, March. 21 (YPA) – Civilians sources told Yemen Press Agency that a huge Saudi-led military forces arrived to the eastern of Yemen.

Troops, military vehicles, equipment and mobile houses belonging to Saudi-led coalition were dispatched to the Sihut coastal district, to establish a military base in eastern Yemenn near to the Sultanate of Oman.

According to the sources, the Saudi regime aims to establish the military base as part of its effort to control the eastern gate of Yemen and to establish what so-called “Salman Channel”, a project which will link the Arabian Gulf to the Indian Ocean as an alternative corridor for the “Strait of Hormuz”, which is supervised by Iran.

It also to ensure the passage of the Saudi Arabian oil carriers through that channel, after the United Arab Emirates forces imposed full control over Hadramaut province, which was planned channel to pass through.