YEMEN Press Agency

UAE to form elite forces to reduce Islah Party influence in Taiz

 SANAA, March 19 (YPA) – The UAE occupation authorities are prepare to form elite forces in Taiz province, as it has done in the southern provinces, in order to reduce the influence of militia of Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood).

UAE authorities have received the military and security files of Taiz province and arranged to set up a security deployment plan in the province, a military official in Aden city told Yemen Press Agency.

A training camp was established by the UAE authorities in Torba city of Taiz for the so-called elite forces of Taiz under the pretext of confronting al-Qaeda, which is active in several areas of the province, according to the military official.

Several meetings have been held in Badr camp located in the city of Aden attended by a number of senior officers and political figures from Taiz to announce the formation of Taiz elite forces, the source said.

Taiz elite forces will consist of nearly 4 thousand fighters, who will receive attractive salaries, he added.