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President: Yemen is facing large conspiracy cost billions of dollars

AMRAN, March 18 (YPA) – President Saleh al-Sammad on Monday affirmed that Yemen is facing a big conspiracy that cost billions of dollars and aimed to dismantle the social fabric and Yemeni tribe and attract its men.

This came in the president’s speech during the reconciliation and tolerance meeting of Bani Suraim tribes in Khamir district of Amran province.

Al-Sammad praised the efforts of the local authority and political components and tribesmen, congratulating Bani Suraim tribe on this social reconciliation.

“The Yemeni tribe has proved that it is the safety valve for Yemen and now it is taking part in all combat fronts”, the president said.

He confirmed that the province of Amran will be within the attention of the political leadership despite the circumstances of aggression, which gave priority to the fronts.