YEMEN Press Agency

Amran’s tribes confirms their support to political leadership

AMRAN, March 19 (YPA) – Bani Suraim tribes of Amran province confirmed their support to the political leadership in countering the aggression coalition and its schemes.

In a statement issued at the conclusion of a meeting of reconciliation and tolerance in Khamir district, Bani Suraim tribe affirmed that it stands by the call of Yemeni revolution leader Sayyd Abdulmalik al-Houthi for activating the state institutions.

The statement said the tribe would continue to support the honor fronts with men and gear until defeating the aggression and achieving victory.

The tribe called, in its statement, on the international community to end the aggression on Yemeni people and stop selling arms to Saudi and UAE regimes.

It also called for lifting the blockade on Hodaida port and Sanaa international airport to ease entry of the Yemeni people’s needs, including food, medicines and oil derivatives.