YEMEN Press Agency

22 Saudi-led coalition air strikes hit five Yemen’s provinces

SANAA, March 18 (YPA) – The Saudi-coalition fighter jets waged on Sunday 22 strikes on five Yemeni provinces, inflicting heavy damage to citizens’ houses and properties, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Sanaa, the warplanes  waged two air raids on Jaraf area of Balad al-Raws district.

In Saada, the fighter jets waged seven strikes on Majz and al-Safra districts.

In Hajjah, the Saudi air forces hit Harad and Medi districts 10 times.

In Marib, the combat jets launched two air attacks on Serwah district.

In Jawf, a strike of the coalition hit al-Maslub district.

Meanwhile, the Saudi artillery and missile bombing hit various areas of Razih district, leaving heavy damage to houses and  properties of the citizens.

Earlier, air strikes of the coalition waged more than 25 strikes on different areas of the provinces, injured two civilians and large losses in farms of the citizens.