YEMEN Press Agency

YPC announces new reduction in prices of oil derivatives

SANAA, Jan. 9 (YPA) – Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) on Wednesday announced a new decrease in prices of oil derivatives as of Saturday, January 12.

The company reduced the sale price of petrol to 6,900 riyals for 20 liters and the price of diesel to 8,200 riyals for 20 liters, according to a statement issued by the company.

The move came after the company reduced the prices to 7,900 riyals for 20 liters of petrol and 8,900 riyals for 20 liters of diesel in last December.

The company said that its decision to reduce prices came within the national responsibility entrusted to it, and that it would continue to revise the prices of oil derivatives according to the variables in the global stock prices and local exchange rates.