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Hadi hands over new camp for slain ex-president relatives

ADEN, March.17 (YPA) – The resigned exiled Riyadh-based president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued a decree No. 51 for 2018, appointing Major General Ali Saleh al-Ahmar as the commander of reserve forces in the city of Aden.

With this decision, the outgoing Riyadh-based president has handed over a new camp to a relative of the slain ex-President Ali Abdallah Saleh in an attempt to return them to lead the battle in which Hadi and Saleh were defeated.

According to observers, Hadi’s decision, which came 24 hours after Tariq Saleh’s soldiers, brought down the flag of the south from the camp of Bir Ahmed and burnt it.

The appointment came as a reward to strengthen his position against the southern factions (Separatists) who is calling for secession.

Others went on to say that Hadi wanted to appoint him to al-Ahmar who was one of the “invaders of the South” as stone in the face of Tariq Saleh, who was embraced by the UAE occupation forces and enabled him to lead the republican guard troops in Aden.