YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen army targets Saudi site in Najran, Jizan


NAJRAN, Mar. 17 (YPA) – Yemen army on Saturday carried out unique operations upon Saudi sites in Najran and Jizan border provinces, killing and wounding dozens of Saudi solders, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Najran, missile force of the army fired Katyusha rockets towards gathering of Saudi soldiers in Selah censorship.

Also the artillery force of the army shelled gatherings of Saudi-backed militias in Khadhraa crossing and Farans hill of Ajasher desert in front of Najran.

In Jizan, dozens of Saudi soldiers were killed and injured when the army waged an offensive operation in Lahij village and nearby hills in Qais mountain.


On Friday, artillery force of the army targeted Saudi army sites by numbers of shells in Shabaka and Makhrop kabir sites, also they destroyed a Saudi military vehicle in Shabaka site in Najran.

Sameera Hassn