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UN panel of experts launches mission on investigating on coalition violations, war crimes in Yemen

SANAA, March. 15 (YPA)-  The Human Rights Council  international team of experts of on Thursday arrived in Sanaa to investigate  human rights violations  and war crimes of the Saudi-led  coalition.

The head of the mission Mohammed Kamal Jendoubi held a press conference held at Sanaa international Airport to underline the importance of forming an UN team to inspect the serious damage inflicted on the Yemeni People by Saudi-led coalition.

Jendoubi said that the visit of HRC team represents an initial step towards forming an international team of experts to investigate the war crimes and violations committed by the coalition against Yemenis.

He expressed the hope that the team of experts composed of all specialists will contribute to resolve the Yemeni crisis if its work is facilitated in all places related to human rights.