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Report: child killed in 33 Saudi-led air strikes, ground attacks over 24 hours


SANAA, Mar. 6 (YPA) – A child was killed and five civilians were injured when the US-backed Saudi-led coalition launched 33 air strikes and ground attacks on several provinces of Yemen on Monday, according to reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

  • In Taiz province:

A child was killed and five civilians injured when a Saudi-backed militias artillery shell  targeted Jamlah market in Salh district.

  • In Saada province:

An air strike destroyed a civilian’s home in Azhur area of Razih border district.

Seven air strikes targeted Rashaha, Mahjubah, Taibt-alesm and Farea areas of Ketaf district.

Meanwhile, missile and artillery shelling targeted Aal-Shaikh and Aal-Amr areas of Munabeh border district.

Over 100 rockets, artillery and light shells were fired toward several areas of Razih district.

  • In Marib province:

Two air raids were waged on Serwah district.

  • In Lahj province:

An air raid hit Hamalah area of Katsh district.

  • In Hajjah province:

17 air strike on Haradh and Medi districts.

  • In Najran border province:

Three air strikes hit Talaa site.

Two air raid were launched on Shabaka site.


Sameera Hassn