YEMEN Press Agency

Protests against UAE-backed forces after killing citizen in Abyan

ABYAN, March 5 (YPA) – Yemen’s southern province of Abyan witnessed on Monday angry protests against a backdrop of killing a citizen by the so-called security belt forces backed by the United Arab Emirates(UAE), Yemen Press Agency’s reporter said.

The citizen Ahmed Abdullah Awad, who is a resident of Ahwar area, was killed in Shoqra area.

Tribes of Ahwar area cut the international road passing through the area and blocked traffic amid angry mass protests, according to the reporter.

Awad’s family explained that their son was arrested a few days ago at a checkpoint of security belt forces in Shoqra before being found dead inside a prison cell belonging to them in the area.

The family accused the UAE-backed security forces of killing Awad, demanding the identification of the killers.