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20 Civilians Killed, Injured In 36 Saudi-led Airstrikes Over 48 Hours

SANAA, Mar. 1 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-Led coalition warplanes waged over 36 airstrikes in less than 48 hours on several Yemeni provinces, leaving 20 causalities, mostly women and children, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Saada province :

Two women were killed when two airstrikes hit a citizen’s home and car in Khadhwan area of Kutaf district, while seven airstrikes hit Al-Atfain and Emara areas and four others struck Adhiaq and Al-Amalil areas in the same district.

An airstrike hit Bani Maain area of Razeh district, leaving damages in civilians’ property and homes, while another one targeted a water fountain in Thwaib area.

Moreover, Saudi army fired missiles and artillery shells toward several border areas of Shuda, Monabeh, Razeh and Ghamr districts, causing heavy damages in citizens’ property, homes and farms.

In Hajjah province :

Four civilians were killed and six others injured, when the coalition warplanes waged a raid on their home in Qahaza area.

Eight airstrikes hit Haradh and Medi districts, while two others struck Washha district.

In Hodaida province :

Five girls were killed and two others wounded in an airstrike hit Al-Baghail area of Hais district.

In Baydha province :

Three raids hit Natiaa district.

In Marib province :

An airstrike hit Serwah district.

In Jawf province :

Three raids hit Khab Washaaf district.


Thekra Khalid/bam