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Coalition’s humanitarian plan aims for military objectives in Yemen

SANAA, March. 1 (YPA) – At a time the Saudi-led coalition countries continue to military mobilization and escalation in more than one fronts, some Saudi-backed countries and organizations talk about the humanitarian aspect in Yemen.

This new strategy adopted by the coalition countries aimed to achieve significant military objectives in Yemen.

According to a report published by “Euronews” on Thursday, the humanitarian plan, which has been prepared by Riyadh and allocated three billion dollars for, is just a ploy to distract international attention from the casualties left by the Riyadh-led coalition airstrikes against Yemen over three years.

Some countries and organizations are raising their voices to call for an end to the war on Yemen and to begin focusing on humanitarian work and the flow of aid, as well as promises of an imminent cessation of war and bringing about peace.

The most dangerous thing is that the Saudi-led coalition believes that this strategy would make the Yemeni citizen, who was affected during three years of war, pin high hopes on any cases of solidarity or promises to stop the war.