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Report: 14 civilians killed in 33 coalition airstrikes on Yemen over Tuesday


SANAA, Feb. 28 (YPA) – 14 civilians were killed, including child, and other 16 injured in 33 air strikes which launched by US-backed Saudi-led coalition on several provinces of Yemen, according to reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Wednesday.

  • In Saada province:

Five civilians were killed and 14 injured, including medics, in an initial toll in three airstrikes that were waged on a civilian’s home in Hafsain area of Suhar district.

An air strike hit a plantation agriculture office in Anad area of Suhar.

Two air strikes hit Azhur and Shuaib areas of Razeh district.

Five airstrikes were launched on Shabaka and Farea of Ketaf district.

An air raid on Boqea district.

An airstrike hit Talaa.

Meanwhile, Saudi force shelled Boqaa and Aa-shaikh areas of Munbh district, Ghwr area of Ghamr district and several areas of Razeh district.

  • In Nehm district, some 50 km north of the capital Sanaa:

A woman and her two children were killed and two other injured in an air strike targeted their home in Qutbain area.

  • In the Red Sea Port province of Hodeidah:

Four civilians were killed in an air raid that targeted Faza area in Tahtia district.


  • In Marib province:

Seven air strikes hit Serwah district.

  • In Hajjah province:

Seven air raids were waged on Haradh and Medi districts.

  • In Taiz province:

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition launched four strikes on Salw district.


Sameera Hassn