YEMEN Press Agency

Abu Dhabi spends $16 bln yearly on war in Yemen

ABU DHABI, Feb. 27 (YPA) – The UAE spends nearly $ 1.3 billion per month on military operations in Yemen, within Saudi-led coalition, which is equivalent to $ 16 billion a year, according to a research paper issued by Emirates Media and Studies Center.
“Despite the high cost in money the state push its soldiers to war alongside mercenaries and tens of thousands of Yemenis, without clear lines of war and peace, as well as building permanent military bases in that country,” the research paper said.
It added that that reflected negatively on the economic situation in the UAE.
The paper revealed the presence of 1,500 Emirati soldiers and officers in Yemen, who have a direct role in fighting via training and directing local militias.
The UAE’s tactics sought to secure its own interests in Yemen, which focused mainly on enhancing its control as an “Emirati right” over the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, according to the paper.