YEMEN Press Agency

Communications warns of using “Repeater, Booster” devices

SANAA, Oct. 20 – The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology warned on Friday traders and suppliers of the import, sale and trading of “Repeater and Booster” devices.

In a statement, the ministry called on all users of these devices to immediately stop using them, after it was found that their use produces a very large disturbance in surroundings areas.

The statement said that these devices are causing serious damage to the neighboring population and adversely affect the quality and effectiveness of the services provided by telecommunications companies.

Furthermore, An official source at the Ministry said that the ministry’s leadership in partnership with mobile phone companies is in the process of approving a final work plan aimed at preventing the import, sale and use of these devices.

He stressed that the Ministry of Communications will spare no effort in taking all the necessary measures in accordance with the provisions of the laws and legislations as it is the regulatory body responsible for supervising and monitoring on the telecommunications sector and approving the use of spectrum, which is a national wealth and sovereignty of the state can not tamper with or use it without prior permission from it.